Pattern Difficulty – Closet Core Patterns

Pattern Difficulty

We firmly believe that anyone can sew anything with patience and perseverance, but sometimes it helps to understand how time-consuming or challenging a pattern will be to sew. Here's how we rate the difficulty of our patterns:

Beginner (⭑): Appropriate for a true beginner with simple style lines and details, quick to sew with no closures.

Confident Beginner (⭑⭑):  Achievable for beginners who are willing to learn a new skill, may include more design features and techniques (ie. zippers, buttons, facings, etc). Relatively quick to sew.

Intermediate (⭑⭑): More details and style lines, may include interesting details like a zipper fly or topstitching, projects can take 6+ hours to sew.

Advanced (⭑⭑⭑⭑): Still achievable for most sewists, but patterns will include more pieces and more details, and can take 8+ hours to sew.

Challenging (⭑⭑⭑⭑⭑): Complex, skill heavy projects like tailoring and bra-making. Again, achievable for most sewists but be prepared to spend 10+ hours on these types of projects.


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