Deer & Doe Pattern Difficulty – Closet Core Patterns

Deer & Doe Pattern Difficulty

Here's how we rate the difficulty of our patterns. Please note these levels are just an indication, and nothing is stopping motivated beginners to tackle a level 4 or 5 pattern. It’s by pushing your limits that you make the most progress!

1. Beginner - these patterns are very simple in design and don't require meticulous sewing or fitting know-how. They will include more in-depth instruction to assist novice sewists.

2. Confidant Beginner - still simple in design, but may include additional details.

3. Intermediate - More accuracy and meticulousness is required when sewing these patterns, with more details.

4. Advanced - May be more challenging to fit, have more pattern pieces, or include more in-depth sewing techniques.

5. Challenging - Involve more advanced technquies and precision when sewing. May be more complex to fit. 


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