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Zoom Passiflore Dress + Shirt Pattern
Zoom Passiflore Dress + Shirt Pattern

Passiflore Dress + Shirt Pattern

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Suggested Fabric

  • Rayon, tencel, cupro, linen-rayon and lightweight linen, silk and cotton crepe, silk satin, cotton lawn. Allow extra fabric to match stripes or plaids.

Yardage (Metric)

Quantité de tissu34-3638-4042-4446-4850-52
Version ALaize 115cm4m454m705m906m6m25
Laize 150cm3m303m454m104m204m35
Version BLaize 115cm3m503m604m604m704m85
Laize 150cm2m602m703m153m303m40
Version CLaize 115cm1m901m952m802m953m
Laize 150cm1m501m601m901m952m10

Yardage (Imperial)

Fabric requirements34-3638-4042-4446-4850-52
Version A45' wide4 ⅞ yds5 ¼ yds6 ½ yds6 ⅝ yds7 yds
60' wide3 ⅝ yds3 ⅞ yds4 ½ yds4 ⅝ yds4 ¾ yds
Version B45' wide3 ⅞ yds4 yds5 ⅛ yds4 ⅞ yds5 ⅜ yds
60' wide2 ⅞ yds3 yds3 ⅝ yds3 ⅝ yds3 ¾ yds
Version C45' wide2 ⅛ yds2 ¼ yds3 ⅛ yds3 ⅜ yds3 ⅜ yds
60' wide1 ¾ yds1 ⅞ yds2 ⅛ yds2 ¼ yds2 ⅜ yds

Additional Supplies

    • 1 yard lightweight fusible interfacing
    • eight ⅝’’ buttons
    • one ⅝’’ flat button
    • two 1 ½’’ D-Rings (versions A and B)
    • two ½’’ buttons (version B)

Finished Garment (Metric)

Vêtement fini34363840424446485052
Poitrine (cm)919599103107111115119123127
Taille (cm)86909498102106110114118122
Hanches (cm)102106110114118122126130134138
Longueur jupe A (cm)9596979899100101102103104
Longueur jupe B (cm)46474849505152535455

Finished Garment (Imperial)

Finished garment34363840424446485052
Bust (inches)35 ⅞37⅜3940½42⅛43¾45¼46⅞48⅜50
Waist (inches)33⅞35⅜3738⅝40⅛41¾43¼44⅞46½48
Hip (inches)40⅛41¾43¼44⅞46½4849⅝51⅛52¾54⅜
A skirt length (inches)37⅜37¾38¼38⅝3939⅜39¾40⅛40½41
B skirt length (inches)18⅛18½18⅞19¼19⅝20⅛20½20⅞21¼21⅝

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PDF File Details

Sizes 34-52
Letter / A4
Copyshop / A0
Projector Files? NO
Layered Files? YES


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