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Que vous soyez un débutant absolu ou un expert en couture, nous avons un cours de couture pour vous! Chacun de nos cours de couture en ligne est conçu pour vous donner les compétences, les techniques et la confiance pour prendre votre couture au prochain niveau. Commencez par notre cours Apprendre à coudre des vêtements et apprenez les bases pour commencer. Ensuite, mettez-vous à niveau avec nos cours de fabrication de jeans, de couture, de maillot ou de lingerie. Enseigné par un leader de l’industrie dans un langage facile à suivre, chaque classe de couture comprend un modèle PDF ou d’impression avec inscription, ce qui rend plus facile puis jamais faire coudre votre garde-robe de rêve une réalité!

Témoignages d'étudiants véritables

I thoroughly enjoyed the Learn how to sew class! Heather is a phenomenal teacher; her lessons are clear, engaging and inspiring. She instilled the confidence and the knowledge I needed to begin my sewing journey. I love the patterns included in the course and I see myself making many versions of these garments as they are so classic and wearable. I will be back for more classes for sure!

Chantel M.
Apprendre à coudre des vêtements

This class was such a joy to watch! I’ve made jackets in the past, but felt my tailor skills were a little rusty and this video was just the boost I needed. Even though the patten directions were excellent, Heather imparted many interesting “insider” details that wouldn’t have been readily apparent from the booklet alone. There’s certain techniques that are difficult to comprehend from looking at a black and white line drawing and Heather did a wonderful job of demystifying some of those processes. And watching her was like having your own private sewing instructor right there with you!

Sandra C.
Apprendre à faire un veston

I'm a keen sewer from the UK, with very little formal training. I can't recommend this course highly enough. I enjoyed Heather's very positive attitude, and the video's are brilliant. I've found myself going back and re-watching e.g. how to get topstitching right for other projects. I'm also impressed by Heather's view that clothes should fit well and then will always look good, no matter what size we are. So refreshing!

Annabel B
Coudre le jean de vos rêves

I'm so glad I decided to enroll in the Learn To Sew Clothing course. Heather is an excellent teacher; not only does she really know her stuff, her passion for the subject shines through. This course is more than great value for the money, it's a bargain.

Sharon K.
Apprendre à coudre des vêtements

What an excellent and well done class! I found that watching the videos in little snippets helped me follow along, and reviewing them again when I wasn’t sure :)! Heathers teaching style is gentle, compassionate, full of interesting facts, making each video engaging! When I first found this site, I really didn’t know much (or anything ha) about what it entails to sew my own jeans, and I wouldn’t have made it through if not for the videos. I just started my second pair, and really enjoy wearing my first pair all around town 💕

Constance C.
Coudre le jean de vos rêves

I've long wanted to make my own swimsuits and bras but was daunted at the prospect. Underwires, elastic, small seam allowances, stretch fabric - it all seemed too hard to tackle without assistance. Taking this course equipped me with the knowledge and skills to tackle swimsuit and lingerie projects and after completing my first Sophie Swimsuit, I have not looked back. Heather's pep talks and positive attitude inspired me to really step up my sewing game.

Coudre le maillot de bain de vos rêves

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Découvrez la joie de coudre vos propres vêtements à partir de rien,créez et concevez une magnifique garde-robe qui ne ressemble qu'à ~vous~.

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